Bartley Optical Shipping Portal

In an effort to streamline and improve the accountability of the optical network, Norco Delivery Services has created this custom shipping site to allow authorized doctor offices to ship and track their packages bound for Bartley Optical. This new technology driven system allows shippers to request pickups as well as print individual bar-coded “traceable” labels addressed to Bartley Optical. Frequent shippers can also order complimentary preprinted bar-coded labels for future use.

For questions on this site contact or call Norco at 800-683-7648 or Bartley Optical direct at 800-347-4733.

To start shipping, follow the simple steps below:


  • There are no longer regular afternoon pickups. If you are not expecting a delivery
    from a Norco driver, you will be required to request a complimentary NextDay pick up.
  • To request a Same Day pickup for delivery the next business day,
    call the participating lab direct for authorization.
  • Bar-coded labels are REQUIRED for all shipments bound for the lab
    including Same Day Requests.
  • Preprinted labels are self adhesive and print 8 to a sheet in the following dimensions:
    (W X H) 4.25” x 2.75.

Type in your contact information

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Designate a Lab Destination


Print One Norco Bar-Coded Label.

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We can send free bar-coded labels to you at no cost.

Schedule a Pickup.

Plan on dropping off your package in a Norco/Overnite Drop Box instead?
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Need Even More Time?

Packages prepared for shipping after the drivers scheduled pickup can also be deposited into any Norco or Overnite Express drop box as late as 9 pm* (M-F) for next morning delivery.

In addition, some boxes are open as late as 9 pm on Sunday* night for Monday delivery allowing shippers to work over the weekend!

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Note: Action Courier and Overnite Express are part of Norco Delivery Services.